Take control of and monitor your world with our ultimate jack-of-all-trades Raspberry Pi HAT!


We've pulled together a great set of features into this home monitoring and automation controller. With relays, analog channels, powered outputs, and buffered inputs (all 24V tolerant) you can now hook up a plethora of goodies to your Raspberry Pi all at once.


Better still each channel has an indicator LEDs which means at a glance you can see what's happening with your setup. Even the analog channels have dimming LEDs that allow you to see the value they are currently sensing - swish!


It's compatible with all version of Raspberry Pi that have the 40-pin GPIO header (3, 2, B+, A+, Zero) and comes fully assembled:

Automation Hat for Raspberry Pi

    • 3 x 24V @ 2A relay (NC and NO terminals)
    • 3 x 12-bit ADC @ 0-24V
    • 3 x 24V tolerant buffered inputs
    • 3 x 24V tolerant sinking outputs
    • 15 x channel indicator LEDs
    • 1 x 12-bit ADC @ 0-3.3V
    • 3.5mm scrw terminals
    • Power, Comms, and Warn! LED indicators
    • SPI interface
    • Extra GPIO: TX (#14), RX (#15), #25